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Catering for other occations

If you are looking for catering for birthdays, company partes, stag parties or other celebrations, you have come to the right place. Delicatessen Catering offers food for all occasions – regardless of whether you are  just inviting a few or several hundred guests!


Some occasions are more important than others – but food is an important part of most of them, non regarding. We offer catering in Oslo and the surrounding area, with Spanish tapas in various forms and sizes. Our food is great for all occasions; no matter if you are organizing a christening, Christmas party, birthday party, bachelor party, funeral or need food for a company event. If you want to order catering for a bigger amount of people we can also offer spcial menus like Peruvian tapas from our sister restaurant Aymara, or a pinchos menu.


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mat til konfirmasjon catering fra delicatessen
Order tapas catering in Oslo from Delicatessen – great food for all kinds of taste buds!


Catering for birthday party and anniversaries

Regardless of whether you are organizing a birthday party or celebrating an anniversary with round numbers, the day should be about you and those close to you. By ordering catering for the celebration, you can enjoy good company with family and friends without having to stand over the pots and cook yourself. See our selection of menus and side dishes in our online catering store. Here you can easily place an order, either as a private person or a business customer.

If you have questions about ordering catering in Oslo you are welcome to send us an e-mail, and we will help you as best we can to find the right dishes for your event. The food is delivered in beautiful terracotta platters and bowln, ready for serving on a buffet or table. If you want to hire cutlery and plates, we can offer this for bigger groups, upon request.


Catering for baptism and baby shower

Pinchos or other finger foods are perfect for baptisms or baby showers, when you want to celebrate the start of a new life. Taking care of both guests and a slightly restless main (mini) person in a baptism celebration can be demanding. You naturally want to spend time with your guests rather than cooking various dishes all at once. By ordering catering, you get one less thing to think about! At the same time it opens up the possibility of being able to serve a wide selection of dishes that are suitable for both young and old. Choose one of our menus, or contact us for guidance. We can deliver exactly as little or as much as you need to make the big day unforgettable!


fingermat catering delicatessen oslo
Pincho’s catering is an excellent choice in parties where there is no fixed seating, and mingling is a central part of the event


Catering for funeral

After a funeral ceremony, it is suitable to serve food that is both social and easy to eat – whether at home or in a congregation home. By choosing one of our finger food menus, you get dishes that are appropriate for the occasion, regardless of the number of guests. If you can’t find something that fits in our online store, you can send us a request by email.

All our menus are delivered ready to serve in beautiful terracotta dishes and bowls, so that it is easy to display the food on a buffet or table. Order catering for a funeral from Delicatessen, and everyone is guaranteed to find something that they like.


Catering for bachelor parties

On a day where partying and fun should be the primary focus, it’s good not to have to spend time preparing, wrapping and unpacking food. Order food from Delicatessen Catering, and present ready-made and easy-to-eat tapas instead! Check out our menus, and choose between picking up the food yourself, or having the food delivered to your venue.


Catering for Christmas parties

Christmas is a holiday that many of us look forward to. It is full of good spirit and high expectations – not least for the food we will enjoy. Regardless of whether you are planning a Christmas lunch at the office or a Christmas party for a group of friends, we can deliver suitable catering that helps create the good atmosphere. Contact us if you want recommendations for tapas, or other help with catering for a Christmas party.


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