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Catering for confirmation

On a day as special as a confirmation celebration, it is extra important that the food is good. Tapas is a popular choice among both adults and children, and is the perfect food for buffet tables or in smaller buffets on long tables. We can deliver catering for everything from small to large confirmations, and offer tapas menus that makes the celebration extra memorable. At Delicatessen Catering, you will find something to suit everyone’s taste!


Order catering for confirmation in Oslo


Classic tapas à la Delicatessen

This is the oldest and one of our most popular tapas menus. It contains many dishes that most people like, and is perfect for confirmation parties. Among other things, the meatballs and chicken wings are very popular among both the young and the old. A good tip is to order the menu in the desired size in as many portions as there are adults in the company, and to supplement with extra dishes for the younger members of the company. Then everyone is guaranteed to find something they like!


mat til konfirmasjon catering fra delicatessen
Tapas is the perfect food for confirmation events – or other occasions where there are both children and adults on the guest list


Vegetarian tapas

Additional dishes such as lentils, asparagus beans, bulgur salad, mushroom and patatas bravas can be ordered on the side of a menu to satisfy vegetarians or vegans in the company. We also have a vegetarian and vegan-friendly version of the Classic Tapas menu for those who do not eat meat or fish. If you want vegetarian menus, you can just add the desired number of Classic Tapas and note how many vegetarian menus you want. There is a note field for such messages in the shopping cart when you place an order.


Food for children in confirmation parties

It is not unusual to have many children in confirmation parties, and the youngest may not like everything on the menu. If you order menus for the adults, you can pick out some tapas favorites that the children will like. Albondigas (Spanish meatballs), patatas bravas, bread and aioli and maybe some cheese and ham are good options for the younger participants. These dishes are also popular supplements to all of our menus.


General information about our catering menus


• All food is delivered in large terracotta bowls and plates that can be placed directly on a buffet table

• Serving cutlery is not included, but can be rented if desired (only applies to large companies)

• A chef can be hired on request, for a more formal expression. Contact catering@delicatessen.no to request a chef for your confirmation party

• Our menus are portioned to the number of people and with ample quantity. Small size menus correspond to a lunch quantity, while medium is suitable for most dinner parties – and large sized menus are suitable for parties with guests who eat a lot, or where guests want to fill their plates several times



catering til konfirmasjon
Classic tapas – a popular menu for confirmation parties