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Finger food catering

Finger food catering or pinchos catering is perfect for events where you only want something light to eat, and where it is important that the food can be eaten without cutlery. Delicatessen Catering offers menus with finger food and pinchos  delivered at your door, ready to be put on the table!


For standing mingeling parties or occasions where simple dining is the most practical, Delicatessen Catering offer tasty pinchos, canapés and other finger food. Regardless of whether you are organizing a stag party where you are on the move, a baptism where there is a lot of activity around the little ones, or you are saying goodbye to a dear family member, we can deliver finger food that is natural to gather around.

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NB! Pinchos catering is currently only available for larger companies – please send a request catering@delicatessen.no if you want to order pinchos for an event in Oslo.


fingermat catering i oslo
Our finger food menu is genious if you are ordering catering for bithdays, stag parties or other events where you don’t have designated seats


Pinchos and canapes catering

When it comes to finger food, pinchos or canapes are perfect to serve your guests on mingeling parties. Pinchos are various Spanish small dishes, often held together with a small cocktail stick. Pinchos – or pintxos, as they are called in Spain – can easily be eaten without cutlery, and without making a mess. Canapes are small sandwiches consisting of different types of toppings and toppings placed on a small piece of bread. These are also easy to eat, regardless of whether you are standing or sitting. At Delicatessen Catering, we make canapés with a Spanish twist, along with other small dishes that can easily be eaten standing up.

Finger food can easily be displayed anywhere in the room. That way, guests can help themselves and eat throughout the day as they get hungry, or want to fill up with a snack. Finger food thus creates more space for social activities – so that you can mingle and move around the room while eating at the same time.


snitter catering oslo
A selection of pintxos from Delicatessen Catering in Oslo


Fun facts about pinchos!

The word pincho comes from the Spanish pinchar, which means to stab or poke something. Pinchos are a cornerstone in the food culture of the Basque Country in northern Spain, and have a social significance as well as a culinary one. In the Basque Country, you typically go from bar to bar to have a pintxo and a small beer, while you strike up a conversation with the person next to you. Pronounce it like a Spaniard: [ˈpintʃo] – and write it like a Basque: pintxo!