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Catering for meetings

Delicatessen Catering offer lunch and meeting food consisting of sandwiches and wraps – or smaller tapas menus that can be ordered either cold or heated up, ready to serve.


It should be simple to find a good, healthy and tasty lunch that can be eaten quickly and easily. A nutritious lunch or catering for meetings and conferances helps to keep energy and concentration levels up, and is important for an efficient working day. Delicatessen Catering can deliver tasty sandwiches, wraps and tapas for small and large meetings, lunches or conferences.


Lunch for meetings and conferences

Are you going to arrange a meeting or a conferance, and need a simple lunch that can be served during the day? We deliver food that is well suited for smaller meetings with a few participants, as well as for larger meetings, conferences or events.

We have three healthy and nutritious options made up of exciting and good ingredients, when it comes to sandwiches and wraps. These are perfect as a simple lunch or meeting food at work – whatever the time of year!


Sandwich with Serrano ham & Manchego cheese

Sandwich with Piquillo & Eggplant (vegan)

Grilled tortilla wrap with Salmon & Chevre cream


The food is served cold, and we calculate 1.5 per person as a suitable amount.


We also have two different lunch menus with classic tapas dishes. These are also available in a vegetarian and vegan version.


Send us an inquiry to catering@delicatessen.no to order lunch catering and meeting food (minimum 10 portions) for your business in Oslo and the surrounding area.


lunsj catering til konferanse
Sandwich with serrano and manchego – a Delicatessen classic that is perfect for lunch meetings or conferances!


Order lunch catering and meeting food with delivery

At Delicatessen Catering in Oslo, we have a minimum number of 10 portions for ordering sandwiches, salads and wraps. You can also order some of our tapas menus in small sizes if you want a colorful and filling lunch for your next meeting or conference. You simply place an order in our online store, and if you want an invoice, you can choose to register the order as a company order. Do you want something that is not available in the online store? Send an email to catering@delicatessen.no if you wish to order lunch and meeting food in Oslo and the surrounding area, and we can send you a brochure with all our menus.


Lunsj og møtemat til bedrifter oslo fra Delicatessen Catering
One of our two Tapas menus Lunch, with albondigas, olives, tuna salad, lettuce, chorizo & mushroom and bread & alioli