Finger food

Delicatessen catering offer tasty pinchos, canapés and other finger food for all occasions. Whether you are hosting a bachelor party or saying your last farewell to a dear family member, we deliver food that brings people together.


For finger food or pinchos in Bodø or Fredrikstad – contact the restaurant.


Catering for bachelor parties 

On a day where party and fun should be on top of the agenda, it is convenient to not have to spend time preparing, wrapping and unwrapping food – and rather look forward to presenting ready-made and tasty tapas. Pick up the food yourself, or let us deliver it!


Catering for birthday parties

Has a friend of yours been to Spain, or dreamt of strolling the streets of Barcelona hunting unique food experiences? In any case, we will make his or her birthday unforgettable by making sure that the food is reminiscent of a day by the Mediterranean – in just the amount you need, and with the flavors you all love.


Catering for Baby Shower

When the host can’t enjoy cava just quite yet, all of you can at least enjoy Spanish flavors and pregnancy-friendly dishes together. We deliver just as little or much food that you need to make the big day perfect!


Catering for baptisms

Canapés or other finger food is an excellent alternative to catering for your child’s baptism. Young and old can gather around new and exciting dishes; whether it is mini-sandwiches or a selection of Spanish sausages. Contact us for recommendations for your particular event, and we will guide you through the order.


Catering for funerals

Whether you are gathering in someone’s home or in an event space, our finger food will facilitate a social and light meal that everyone will appreciate. Choose one of our menus, or contact us for guidance. The food is delivered on large plates, ready to serve, and if you want to rent cutlery or other tableware you can just send us an inquiry.


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