We want it to be easy to order a tasty, healthy and appetizing lunch that can be enjoyed fast and simple. A nutritious lunch or conference meal keeps energy levels high, and the concentration up, and are therefore very important for good results.


Lunch for courses or conferences?

Are you going to arrange a meeting or hold a course, and need a simple lunch or conference meal that can be served any time during the day? We offer food that is well suited for smaller meetings with few participants, as well as for bigger meetings, courses or events with many people attending.


We offer three healthy and nutritious lunch options consisting of exciting ingredients of high quality. These are perfect as a simple lunch or conference meal for both small or large groups – no matter the time of year!


Sandwich with Serrano ham & Manchego

Sandwich with Piquillo & Aubergine 

Grilled tortilla wrap with Salmon & Chevre cream


The food is served cold, and we estimate 1.5 per person as a suitable amount. 


Want to know more, or order for your company? Email us at for orders in Oslo and surroundings (20 portions minimum). For lunch or conference meals in Bodø 0r Fredrikstad – contact the restaurant.



Lunsj og møtemat til bedrifter oslo fra Delicatessen Catering