On a day as special as your young one’s confirmation, it is extra important to serve food that youths like. We have several menus that are perfect for the celebration. We are convinced you will find something that both kids and grandparents will appreciate!


For catering for confirmation in Bodø or Fredrikstad – contact the restaurant.

Classic tapas á la Delicatessen

This is the oldest, and one of our most popular, tapas menus that contains many dishes that young people like. Among other things, the meatballs and chicken wings are extra popular among kids.


Vegetarian options

Additional dishes such as lentil stew, asparagus beans and mushroom or patatas bravas can be ordered separately to satisfy vegetarians or vegans.


A lot of children attending?

Confirmation often means many children on the guest list, and the youngest ones might not dare to try a lot of the food on the menu. If you are hosting a confirmation with lots of kids, we recommend you to order full menus to participants over 12 years, and then add dishes from the “Extras”-menu for the younger ones. Patatas bravas, albondigas (Spanish meatballs) and chicken wings are usually popular among kids – but remember that also the grown ups might want a taste of these goodies. 


General information


The food is plated on terracotta plates, ready to serve on a buffet or on the table

If you want a more formal event, you can hire one of our chefs to serve and supply the food

Cutlery or other tableware is not included, but can be rented separately

The menu is portioned based on the number of people you ordered for, and we assure you that there will be enough food

Utvalgt tapas til konfirmasjon fra Delicatessen Catering