How many portions should I order?

In general, we recommend that you order as many portions of our menus as there are adult participants at the dinner or event. If you are going to order catering for a lunch event, it is often sufficient with small portions of the menus. If you are going to order catering for a dinner party, we recommend that you order menus in medium size. If you know that you are having guests who eat a lot, or you want to make sure that you can refill your plates several times during the evening, it may be a good idea to order menus in large portions.

Are you going to organize a party and order catering for more than 50 people? Since our food is delivered as a buffet, in large plates and bowls, it happens that there is food left over at larger events. This is of course very individual, but our experience is that you can order 5-10% fewer portions than participants if you are ordering catering for a big group. Are you insecure about how many portions you should order for a large event? Contact us by email or phone: | 22 46 72 00

You can see our menus here.Tto order, simply click on the menu you want to order, choose size, and press the plus sign in the bottom to add as many portions as you need.