When can I have the food delivered and what does it cost?

You can have food delivered throughout our opening hours, every day of the week. Standard delivery times are between 12 – 17 on weekdays and on Saturdays, and between 12 – 14 on Sundays. We can often arrange deliveries outside the kitchen’s opening hours and our standard delivery times. Whether we can offer delivery outside our standard times depends on which day you wish to place an order, and how many other deliveries we have on the particular day. In general, we recommend to plan things well in advance when it comes to requests for later or earlier deliveries, as we sometimes get fully booked on poular dates. If you would like to check the possibility of delivery outside our standard delivery times, you can contact us by email or phone every weekday between 10 – 17: catering@delicatessen.no | 22 46 72 00.

Delivery at the door costs 450,- within Oslo. We use an external partner who handles all deliveries for us, whom we have had a good collaboration with for several years. The price for delivery of catering outside of Oslo depends on your zip code. You can check the price for delivery outside of Oslo by adding products to the shopping basket on our order page, choose which date and time you wish to have the food delivered, choose that you want us to deliver the food and then enter your zip code. The price for delivery then appears automatically.

We also offer pick-up of equipment after your event or dinner party. The price for pick-up of equipment is the same as for delivery, and you can choose the desired date and time for the pick-up yourself. Read more about returning or getting equipment picked up on this page.